Net Wangzhuan house Wangzhuan success perseverance nnovation to wait = success

The last time we

house net Wangzhuan give you three reason to write do Wangzhuan novice attitude adjustment should know, I think we all remember! Don’t remember to look at it: aid=243683?.

well, if you have done, so today we continue to say, the last time we mentioned the law of success: perseverance Wangzhuan + Innovation + to + wait = success.

so today we will analyze this formula in detail, so that we have a more profound understanding of it. In order to be more skilled in the actual operation of the use of these successful experience. Following into the subject, since the formula four on the left, then we divided into four points:


the first point, perseverance: the importance of this I think I have more than once stressed that, in fact, I have done in the course I have emphasized the importance of perseverance. I have seen how much attention to it, indeed! For example net Wangzhuan house! Every day I will insist to write original articles updated every day!! this is a very hard thing, but I insist on down! Because I know everything is not easy, no perseverance you will be very difficult to succeed people say that failure is the mother of success. That is not so easy to succeed, if you do not have perseverance, then I advise you not to join Wangzhuan the industry.

second points, innovation: perseverance is not light, you have to have the spirit of innovation, you have to come up with different ideas. A good way to make money to get rich, but simply copying other people’s approach is not good, and then do a good project to do more people, will become a waste project. This is like the market, the less time is short, it is like gold; much when it is bad idea that pile up in excess of requirement. Of course, I’m just exaggerating a bit, but the fact is almost the same!

third points, with perseverance and creative efforts, you also need to be hard, hard is hard to do, put your heart into it, don’t do this today, tomorrow it will accomplish nothing to feel that. So choose a project, we must work hard to do so, the goddess of success will come to your side!

fourth, wait: some people would say that the first point and do not repeat it?! no! I want to tell you to be successful in Guangzhou perseverance is not enough, you have to wait, waiting for the arrival of success, the waiting here not only refers to the aimless waiting, but we want to see the opportunity, decisive the shot, get the market a sad a space for one person! I sites such as: (the new meters meters, for the replacement of old already redirected Laomi meters, I will not hair, ha ha), because there is a time management result is linked to the horse after I fix the bugs found! IP declined sharply, but I did not give up, still in the daily update! Has now recovered almost! So don’t be afraid to wait, success is not a day.

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