Google Adwords to share the entire operation process

1 first I went on the CB and grav to find a good but not the most fire, as now selected is ranked in the third place Internet TV $/sale.

2 in Google adworks and then I checked the tools above the words "Internet TV", the query English target, the whole world, the query results as below, basically check the amount is relatively large, and the key basic price under $1, I think this kind of that competition is not very intense.

3 select the results of the query and the relevant key words inside the results of some of the query volume is relatively large number of keywords, the following is a list of keywords.

4 I went to the google trends to find the key words of the index, look at what place to search this thing more. I put the Adwords target area into these areas, in addition, the region also consider the choice of a relatively small number of countries piracy.

5 is basically finished, the following is a new ad.

6 below is the selected keywords, but also added a few negative keywords, – free, -downlaod, -crack

7 in advertising, Google not to submit Internet TV, for PC such content, but there is an option if can apply for a moment, I chose the application submitted by, but now the state has been in "audit.

welcome to reprint, please retain the source, please indicate (happy net 001), A5.

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