Blog advertising services advertisers pay directly to the blog

      criticism of the advertising service provider Blog PayPerPost recently launched a new service that allows advertisers to pay directly to the bloggers, the new product is evaluated by the latter, the new advertising service called PayPerPost Direct.

want to earn extra money by practicing Lianbi, bloggers can add PayPerPost Direct code on their own Blog, and set up a "minimum fee", advertisers can pay directly to provide bloggers.

PayPerPost Direct is different from previous reviews of Blog advertising content is pricing entirely in the hands of the author blog, prior to this, the advertisers themselves to determine the uniform price – a lot of high flow and high impact nature in favor of their own pricing blog PayPerPost Direct system. Similar advertising services include ReviewMe, etc..

PayPerPost Direct gains 90% by the author of the blog, the fee charged by for the PayPerPost, by contrast, the average PayPerPost fee of up to 35%.

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