Baidu auction system has serious fraud

Baidu bidding system 0.3 yuan a click. The price is their own. This I can not control, can earn can buy. Click on the 0.3 it was an injustice, he gently point the mouse 100, is equivalent to a water supply workers upstairs and downstairs 2 days salary (Songshui hard)

did not go in background, estimates do not know,

Default principle is that you cheated out of money so far the largest consumer

as shown in fig.:

the intelligent matching, don’t you think he is really intelligent optimization for you,

originally bid is in the search in the front row, followed by a promotion of two words,

if you choose the smart he will put a lot of similar to your keywords right with your ad,

better is he the right automatically with the best price, don’t think Baidu will save you money, he wanted you to put money immediately spent, then renew,

I today is on this when the

I today submitted a number of keywords, estimated 100

within 2 hours, I point out the more than 1 thousand block

you again to find time to modify, has accumulated some money

if you find that you become a big.

If I didn’t go to find my account in the estimation of tens of thousands of lives, but tonight

send this article to do the bidding, after a friend,

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