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rich uncle Mao professional promotion Chinese click Wangzhuan, I won a good Wangzhuan psychological quality and strong ability to promote the trust and support of friends earn, earn is the friends make friends. Good teachers and helpful friends because many are beginner questions, so make the most of my friends, almost QQ4929158 the Wangzhuan hotline, which asked the most is to do Chinese click Wangzhuan exactly how much money. In fact, a lot of people are not willing to answer, is not a good answer, that can make a lot of money to make friends do not believe that the truth would scare people. Today nothing, write an article, also is the answer to the question of the unified make friends, also hope to have a little help to the beginner.

Chinese click Wangzhuan can make money, this is an indisputable fact. Rich uncle Mao in March income is 980 yuan, 1023 yuan in April, May and June is 1300 yuan, the current income is 400 yuan, it is the high income in the Chinese click wangzhuan. Of course, if as a standard to judge the words with my income, Chinese really have to click Wangzhuan, but this is a misunderstanding, beginner or general make friends did not reach this level.

Chinese click Wangzhuan the low score this is an indisputable fact. With the longest time, first-class reputation happiness around this station station as an example, the time is April 7, 2008, the earlier open station of the more than and 30 stations, now only two stations around happy and buxpay. Happy around now owners own advertising fixed in five, the total score is 1.6 points, the monthly advertising has 10, a total score of 2 points, there are some temporary scattered advertising, that is to say you are happy around a day up to five cents on the score, count 30 days a month, the you at this station a month income is 1.5 yuan. If you do one hundred Chinese click Wangzhuan project, start a month income basically is 150 yuan, this is an ideal number. Because Chinese click Wangzhuan is a new thing, many webmaster boundless power station, you do not get the money, maybe you just reached the billing requirements site closed, collect money often happens. Do Wangzhuan novice a month income is generally not more than 50 yuan, a few yuan a few gross income There are plenty of people who. So the Chinese click Wangzhuan project revenue don’t expect too much. It is the truth that you regard it as a pleasure or a pastime.

why Uncle Mao Fu can earn so much? The reason is very simple, rich uncle of the downline more, more than a large number of people, off the line to earn more. An important reason Chinese click Wangzhuan attracted people to do is to have referral, of course, the commission does not have any effect on the line. Or happy around as an example, there are six levels of referral, his station 20%–10%–5%–3%–1%–1%, if you can develop ten like you work offline, your monthly income over the two, more income more of your downline. In fact, a lot of friends do not pay attention to the beginning of the entry of the website

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