West master cahuo an entrepreneurial company equity tragedy

this would have probably been a promising star of start-up companies, but the company has just on the right track, the founder of the team fall apart.

we do not know when the storm will be, in what way do knot, I do not know the star company’s final fate.

Phoenix technology linked to one of the three partners, trying to restore the process in detail. In the story of these young people, we can see partners, equity, financing, all the chips…… In many key areas, these entrepreneurs with a green hand lightly, for the future lay greater risks.

West master case, for many are walking in the business on the road, or can be.

at half past seven on November 15th, one of the founders of the west, Yuan Zelu hurried to Wudaokou entrepreneurial salon activities, which is about half an hour before the agreed time. Event organizers have worried that yuan can attend as scheduled.

two days ago, West master another founder Song Xin in the know released a "West master deadbeat, raise money to", accused CEO of the Bangladesh soldiers "force", and in the early to raise public shareholders’ money has not yet. After a day of silence, 14 evening, West master official in the two founders of Luo Gaojing, the identity of Yuan Zelu issued a public letter in response to Song Xin accused, said the text of slander. The main parties of the Meng soldiers to new research and development on the grounds that the matter is no longer do further explanation.

opened from April 8th to mid June, Xin Song left, in just two months, this was founded by four partner star startups East is from the West


hint: no understanding partner

the company from the first day there are hidden dangers.

Meng Bing, Song Xin Luo Gaojing, the three met in 2012 at the end of the Xi’an Jiao Tong University Beijing Alumni Association (Bi Shiyuan Zelu has not yet added). Song Xin has worked in the investment institutions for three years, with the idea of going out of business, so the relationship between the alumni association to understand the technical ability of the people, such as Meng bing. The three hit it off, in April second, established a "singularity brothers" technology company. As a result of the main task of the development of the work of Bangladesh soldiers, so Meng Bing, Song Xin, Luo Gaojing equity were 40%, 30%, respectively.


is not a sudden outbreak of conflict, on the first project has accumulated in an interview with Phoenix Technologies, Zelu said.

for the first project, Meng Bing told the media rarely mentioned, but from several reports can be seen in the shadow, "I (Meng Bing) from 13 in April to start a business, the singularity brother IT, then save some money, do you want to change a project.". But in the Song Xin in the formulation of this project, "failure" to "lift all feel shame". At that time is to do a web page, even the site is not."


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