The new trend of fast type foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

starting from today, I will introduce some of the foreign Wangzhuan, as everyone knows, foreign money either advertising or other Wangzhuan, income is certainly higher than the domestic, after all, is the dollar or the euro, so many are looking to make friends abroad, ready to earn dollars.

because most people English limited level, foreign money is difficult, so I will be here and we gradually share some contents about foreign wangzhuan.

foreign Wangzhuan I according to my understanding is divided into so many categories, if there are different views, we can communicate with each other.

mail advertising click Wangzhuan


this type of comparison for most lazy, as long as we do in this kind of website registration, every day we only need to log in the mailbox, and then open the mail, and then click on the corresponding advertising links can be completed after the move to the next one, very simple, and we can be integrated several such stations together one day, down more than and 10 cents above the light is not a problem, also have a few dollars a month.

advertising money

this is the most commonly used way of personal webmaster Wangzhuan, but it also limits you must have a personal website or blog that this mode requires you to put advertising code to your site, then if there is a click or sales, you will get into the world, the most widely used advertising alliance is Google Adsense.

blog to make money

blog to make money we are not unfamiliar, FirstMe in front of the article have discussed here is brief, say no more, if not clear, can see this article: xxxxx know.

this way is suitable for a certain experience Wangzhuan, usually we need to add some articles in the blog, pictures or video, and share with others, as long as there is browsing, there will be some gains, the typical money blogging website is: Klikot social network service station.



register promotion survey Wangzhuan

this type of Wangzhuan should be said to be a CPA or CPS mode similar advertising, if you do not know this type of model, please refer to the article: what are the types of online advertising.

it is a guide way for users to register or a consumption pattern to gain income, the network marketing mode suitable for senior personnel, this way the maximum profit, but also the most difficult, it requires the user to have certain network marketing and network marketing ability. I know a large part of the Hongkong coast advertising alliance is the above mentioned types of advertising, if interested, you can open an account to register to see.

today probably summarized 4 kinds of foreign Wangzhuan model, I think you also read out, the several modes of finishing is from easy to difficult.

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