Do Google Adsense please do not touch these 18

Google Adsense advertising plan is a popular advertising products, this product provides many website best online advertising revenue sources, about the use of Adsense technique in this paper has been a lot, at the same time, Adsense also in terms of service policy for the advertising planning services clearly, and we strictly abide by the requirements so, the Adsense account will not be removed from the Google.

when I visit the website and the forum, I found will encounter some Adsense abuse every day, so here are some tips on using Google Adsnese, you may have until some, may also know very little. These are selected from the Google Adsense program policy, and a number of simplifications.

1, for whatever reason, do not click on your own Adsense ad. You should know this very well. This is the best way to close your Adsense account. So never tell your partner or friend to click on the ad. If your family or children want to increase your income by clicking on ads, it will indirectly cause you to have no income. What is more, can not use rewards, click settings automatically click Tools, click fraud or other with the nature of software, Adsense is very good at detecting fraudulent clicks, if you really want to see the page click on the advertisement effect, please use the Google preview tool.

2, never change the Adsense code. We have enough means to optimize the color with custom Adsense to suit your background or boundary needs. Add your own code to the outside of the ad code, and never make any changes in the ad or search code. You’ll know what you’re doing. Search code has a lot of limitations in color and placement, but you must follow these rules. If you break the rules, the code may stop working.

3, do not put more than 3 ad units on the web page and a link to the unit or the 2 search advertising box. In any case, there will be no new ads in the ad unit. But these restrictions are what they want, and it’s best to do so.

4, do not place on the same page and Google Adsense competition similar to the text ads or search box. Do not attempt to create a link structure similar to the Adsense ad. Do not use other search tools on pages with Adsense search. But they allow members to promote and limit text links.

5, do not disclose confidential information about your account, such as CTR, CPM, and the income of the ad unit alone. However, you can reveal the overall income obtained by a recent.

6, advertising title tags can only be "praise"

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