Why do we want to start a business 80 years later

why we want to start a business 80 years later

business, in the eyes of many people is the noun form of the word hard! We are very familiar with, but we only know this word, how many people really know the meaning of it? How many people truly understand the meaning of it? Is added to the business of this team is less and less, why? Where is the difficult business difficult?


first, I’m going to talk about why we want to start a business. The Chinese excess personnel, more and more low price of labor force, in 2004 730 thousand of college students have not timely employment, and work was more than 10 million? And you can’t find a job or you do not want to work, what do you want? Only entrepreneurship! Domestic business environment is becoming more and more perfect entrepreneurial culture is becoming more and more popular, more and more thinking creative people have the ability to walk on the road of entrepreneurship, surrounded by their ability to make more and more people a career. This is an inevitable! The survival of the fittest, only the survival of the fittest in natural selection, grasp the trend of social development and to adapt to this trend to the achievements of their own career! Life is a rare few fight back, not at this time when the fight fight? With envy than others as soaring and majestic, make their own strong wings; and the envy of others with their career enjoy your life, not their own efforts to do a career, if you really have good ideas, or you can find your team work together!

secondly, then we want to start a business, it in the end what is the difficulty of the current and what are the favorable conditions?

The first problem with

is that it is the most important reason for many entrepreneurs to have a good idea but not to implement it. Most people think they are good ideas, but no money, I think this is a common business ideas and not put into practice people! In fact, this is the ideological problem, money is not a problem, if you believe that your unique creativity, to meet the market demand and development of public life you believe, it will certainly make a lot of money for you, will you still worry about the problem of investment? This is like saying that someone promises you today if you take out 1000, immediately give you 10000, I want to eat now even if you are difficult, you can think of a way to get the 1000 block the only difference, why? Entrepreneurship is just a matter of time, the premise is your idea is indeed through demonstration and market research can be implemented! On the other hand, you have a good idea, and a large number of investment companies in order to get Profits are searching, expect to find suitable projects, as long as you are of the same mind, money is a natural thing

!The second question is

difficult start technology! Now with constantly updated technology and master the technology upgrade, more and more people, the technology bottle neck had been broken, as long as your creativity to attract people, there will be a lot of technical personnel in order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams or reflect the value of their own to participate in your business


entrepreneurship is the third problem is the team!

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