Luo Yonghao’s venture product is 1 marketing is 0

lead: Jobs returned to Apple had a very important reflection: "people are people kill marketing products." After Jobs returns to apple, the most important thing is to let people regain the right to speak.


the two day, Luo Yonghao announced the hammer T1 mobile phone price 1000 yuan, a circle of friends shuabing.

public concern is that Luo Yonghao had previously said that less than 2500 yuan is a grandson, when faced with a challenge to respond to discount, said: the actual operation of the enterprise is greater than the face of individuals.

key is the hammer phone discount action is too sudden, the new model T2 has not yet listed, T1 price 1000 yuan. Especially for high-end mobile phones, the price is very hurt the user, but also hurt the brand thing.

hammer price of 1000 yuan behind only one of the most critical reasons: Hammer phone inventory pressure.

this year, is a small mobile phone industry, this is all the mobile phone industry if you do not have the pressure on the stock of the year, there are three pressure: the first is the intelligent mobile phone replacement tide growth decline, research company Digitimes Research, Chinese, intelligent mobile phone market has passed the peak. Second, from 3G to 4G is a huge pressure, 4G phones will be fully squeezed 3G mobile phone market space, to enlarge the pressure of 3G. Third, apple iPhone6 listed on the high-end mobile phones are a disaster, look at Samsung will know.

Tencent quoted sources as saying that the hammer T1 sales of 40 thousand units, its inventory of 200 thousand. However, the authenticity of this number has not yet been confirmed.

now, the Internet business is a tide, many people even think that "Internet = micro marketing, Internet business is to do a good job of marketing, such as a non integrity name, arguing frame, or do a marketing event. However, Luo Yonghao discount things to entrepreneurs is also a very critical reminder: the product is 1, marketing is the 0.

1, Luo Yonghao single point cutting ability is very strong, especially in marketing, he put the feelings of this marketing weapon used in the extreme. For example, "I don’t care I just serious, artisan spirit". Spell feelings is correct, because the product behind the feelings of the endorsement of the personality, is a racial identity.

2, the product is 1, marketing is 0. This sentence is a dialogue with Li Wanqiang, he summed up millet marketing. On the Internet, all the middle link was cut, only the product enough to scream, you can enlarge 10 times, the power of the power of 100 times, if the product is not screaming, you just rely on marketing amplification, it is difficult to continue. Where the lesson is a more vivid example, now where the customer is the transformation mode of product.

3, the core of personal fans is the charm of the personality of the body, the core of the company fans economy is explosive goods war >

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