Dropbox founder management experience think about what they do not know


Sohu IT news July 17th evening news, Dropbox founder Drew – Houston (Drew Houston) business from the initial file storage, turned to a full range of storage platform, it has the potential to replace the hardware. In 2007, Dropbox was founded. Houston is now worth $400 million.

recently, Houston accepted an interview with the First Round Capital, he shared his hacking from CEO, from the design process to the design of the company, he believes that this is a system building process.

In other words, Houston has gone through a lot, and here are some of his experiences:

1, entrepreneurship, do not good things will be more and more

Houston said: "there will always be the first line of code." In fact, many start-up companies are starting from the code, from the beginning of the code. Most founders are technical experts, but they have to learn other. Houston said: "you sit down and stand up to solve the problem, solve the problem, the result is very good, this is a pleasure. But the establishment of a business and management staff will not end."

in the first few years, Houston direct development of products, and later expanded into a top priority. He said: "at first I wrote all the code, and then did not write a line. The things you used to do less and less, day by day, and what you need to do is not good enough."

2, the beginning of Pro Pro marketing for

after the end of the product development, Houston produced a 3 minute demo video, first released on the Hacker News, users reacted strongly. He was greatly encouraged, but also in Digg, Reddit release, the response is very good. One day, second video at Digg summit.

Houston said: "I just think that these people are the first to accept the user, where they might appear? Similar to Digg, Reddit is a huge source of traffic, where people love to try new technology."

with the expansion of the company, Houston will be responsible for the creative sector to other people. He said: "we have to hire some smart people, let them take over what I want to do, let me focus on other things, focus on other areas of the enterprise."

3, the first thing is to take off after the massive

Houston said: "I don’t understand a lot of things, but these things are very important, including marketing, sales and management."

when the company began to take off, Houston is the first reading, reading a lot. He said: "reading books will not let you become a good manager, just like reading a Book Guitar does not make you a good guitarist, but it can make you think of some of the most important concept." In addition, contact >

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