From 1000 to 5 hundred million the metamorphosis of young artists

In this paper,

writing process, as the city of angels Liebo acquisition rumors spread on the occasion, what makes one of entrepreneurial sisters in the electricity supplier industry fengshengheli

stride forward singing militant songs?


| Yan Xiaolin

this weekend, Tom gale at home to find the book for the bookshelf to employees the right to play the draft stage, unexpected turn to the past when trekking in Nepal’s diary, she sat down to watch two hours altogether regardless of a "Liebo takeover of the city of angels" hearsay is network speculation cause a shocking commotion.

if not in 2005 with 1000 yuan and sister wind together to open the Taobao shop selling clothes India, and she was now past tree village, Songzhuang artists Tonglu: Nanjing independent professional fashion design after graduation to rent a cottage in the suburbs of Beijing, Beijing, group of underground rock band, to record revenue, even a taxi earn money do not come back. Her band is called "21", because the love of Mexico director Alejandro Gonzalez in the movie set: after death will lose so much weight of the soul. This is a pure soul for 5 years, by the open studio pick plane design outsourcing work. She did not think the wind no longer meet to sell wholesale clothing, offer their own clothes they sell at the moment, life began to shift.

now "Liebo", is a company with more than 700 employees, 2012 sales growth of 380% in 2011, 500 million of the "fast fashion designer + brand + e-commerce company, has opened a Menswear brand" pool ", a line shop to attract partners, red fir million capital the investment of more than $. In this year’s Taobao "double 11", Liebo day store sales exceeded 85 million, the brand of billions of dollars, won the women’s category champion, known as "the most promising Amoy brand".


winds, wind, but is still "Liebo" main designer, a formal identity is combined with CEO. Their partner, former rock musician Ceng Yong, former retail practitioners to peak also in Liebo, their respective competent manpower, supply chain. Two family members to work together, the class live and eat together in a house, to raise a dog and two cats, every year there are 4 months to travel. Unbelievable state, and two years ago of gross profit, net profit, budget, inventory turnover rate and other indexes confused winds into the eyes of investors "," the implementation of data control "Crazy" as unbelievable.

war, burn is not the nature of women

young people and businessmen are two kinds of creatures, the ashes of the level of the text of the text of the green soup does not agree with the wind. Girls, she was obsessed with the text of Sanmao, the dream of the future of their own place to go wandering, writing as a living. In order to have a 15 year old Mao anthology, home alone read kindergarten teachers in Nanjing she occasionally wholesale some melon seeds, dried mango in the dormitory was sold, the dean stopped. This short business was her wish, but also attached

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