Lanna evening Niu Wenwen dialogue is Chinese entrepreneurial dream dream


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"entrepreneurs" magazine’s black entrepreneurship competition venue in Wuhan in 2013, when the Qingxiaobairi an invigorating autumn climate season, I wandered into the room, "entrepreneurs" President Niu Wenwen is generous Chen his "heaven and earth" fusion theory: "the day is a typical American model, shareholder’s egg and hatching in the horse but, not afraid of loss, rapid expansion, to die for the purpose of the listing, not on the market, the NASDAQ stocks are successful; school is similar to the German model, is the customer’s egg and hatching in the camel, to value the profitability, market demand, general equity concentration, looks more soil. But in the market segments in the live well."

a piece is about how to tell the media — a conversation with him, see if he is all the time deduction.

for the occupation, the media usually received information of magnitude too large, spotty information in the eyes of ordinary people, in the media where people will automatically enter the memory, storage and historical information, and finally find the queue, to a reasonable line. Later, Niu Wenwen also told the three year Chinese rise of the 84 generation of entrepreneurs, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the 92 generation, 99 generation Pathfinder private copy of Silicon Valley, also for months and years conclusion, I have done some homework, found in early 2007, CITIC Publishing House held "China company history creation seminar at that time in the" China entrepreneur "Niu Wenwen has been trying to understand the system of Chinese entrepreneurial history: 77 years, 79 years, 84 years a point, a point, a 92 year, 00 years a point, every stage has its own characteristics (Entrepreneurship)."

to the media perspective, Chinese entrepreneurial history has a very high value of review, even more than the rich overseas — from the first industrial revolution, either in Europe or the United States, is a technology driven business, from Edison to Zuckerberg and his Ge Corp, and his Facebook, after a lapse of one hundred years, the story is different the principle is consistent. However, China can not the same, even if only every ten years or even five years of entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial policy and business logic are not the same, Wu Renbao Liu Chuanzhi and Zhang Ruimin Ni Runfeng are mu, Feng Lun, Wang Shi, Wang Gongquan, Robin Li, Ma Huateng Zhou Hongyi, each generation of entrepreneurs, even different individuals of the same generation of entrepreneurs in all, with different and vague history, the China commercial media has no shortage of rich material and vision, a dish to eat a variety of taste.

, the political agent seasoning is very important, it can not be avoided, otherwise business is empty talk, but it must also avoid, because no one dare really to prove that ass decided this proposition head. ".

do not petition, to venture

since I came to Wuhan, I thought Niu Wenwen had a meeting

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