Wu Bo an entrepreneurial career as a veteran of the nternet



in a meeting in the new, he with great interest to be judgmental carved sirloin, looks like 4 years ago when he first met his reporters to talk about a hidden alley in Beijing Roast Lamb Leg as excited. But he is still not willing to cut to give him the highest prestige handle network, in his opinion, does not affect other people’s development is the basic line of life. This may be out of the hands of the capital force after the release, there are still a number of investors hovering in his doorway the root cause.

in the past 20 years, Wu Bo never left the field of Internet, the creation of a number of companies with success but could not escape the curse of continuing operations.

in 3 to 5 years, may concentrate on doing the United States and Australia, but the future still does not rule out the possibility of entrepreneurship in O2O." Wu Bo said.

, in his opinion, instead of standing in the backseat driver on the edge, not roll up their sleeves and practical officer. So he will still start, rather than become investors.

after the hustle and bustle of calm

the latest news about Wu Bo from March 22nd this year, the United States and Australia ranks estate venture completed 50 million yuan financing, led by the DCM investment, the last round has invested millions of dollars in angel investment institutions Xu Xiaoping brothers fund it real fund and the Taishan Senate vote.

, according to Wu Bo introduction, the United States and Australia is the core of the use of Internet technology to solve the problem of asymmetric information of Chinese consumers in overseas buyers. Through the form of overseas Real Estate Company settled, so that Chinese consumers to bypass the intermediary direct search for real estate information, and the real estate business communication. The site has attracted dozens of developers in Australia and the United States to participate in cooperation, the number of listings included in the background has exceeded 10 thousand sets. According to Wu Bo’s plan, the business is expected to spread all over the world within three months, bringing together the real estate available for sale on the five continents, the Chinese people to buy the world’s dream is expected to become a reality.

why choose this field of real estate, in his view, they are more adept at using the Internet to change the traditional industries, and real estate is one of the largest in the traditional industry, would like to do more in this attempt.

this is Wu Bo left hand within two years of the second business, in the United States and Australia ranks in front of a garment enterprises O2O Canada music. In August last year, the company has been described as Wu Bo is no longer looking for investment in the company to get A round of investment, investors have been thrown in the hands of the network of Taishan brothers and other institutions, but did not disclose the amount of investment in the Wu Bo. And had a long business experience compared to Wu Bo’s latest two entrepreneurs seem low-key and pragmatic, after the United States and Canada on-line music he even explicitly told reporters: "do not think of Canada music please store media."

seems to Wu Bo, now the best entrepreneurial opportunities around the O2O area around: This is the time point of the industrial revolution, like electricity, but there is no loom. I’m a mechanic, if 50>

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