Grassroots interpretation of a single page Taobao customers in the end is not suitable for you

did not know which friend around 10 grassroots webmaster said, there must be about 7 amoy. Of course, we do not have to tangle words inside data is reasonable, I just want to say that my friend is a good summary of the present development situation of Taobao customers, from 2009 to now basically every No one shows any interest in, the grassroots webmaster has a guest website, Taobao customer has been unable to describe with rapid. Although the development of Taobao passenger crackdown Baidu said of an aged person, becomes large, but it is undeniable that Taobao remains is a weapon for grassroots webmaster breakthrough, if you insist on doing, or some chance of success. This time, some friends will say about Taobao off promotion, I was doing a single page, or do the integrated? May now Baidu for some single page Taobao customer audit more stringent, but there are some side by single page promotion to earn a large commission friend, so a single page Taobao guest is not dead. The author is a grassroots webmaster, do 3 years never are minor, but also relates to Taobao customers for a long time, combined with their own understanding of say a single page of Taobao customers to promote the advantages and disadvantages.


easy to manage. I think this is the most grassroots webmaster choose single page Taobao guest the main reason. Because a considerable part of the site is the grassroots business people usually have their main job, do a single page to promote, will undoubtedly save yourself a lot of time. If you are a member of the group, so the single page guest may be for you.

more purposeful. In general, a single page of Taobao guest website do a single product promotion, so owners do not need to find a wide range of products, only in their own industry to select 10 select baby or a service, the credibility of high stores can, this promotion is back have a purpose.

control surface is narrow, the effect is good. I want to spread about the website, how can we speak their mind, like what marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and so on, if you do a single page, then these marketing methods may be only for a product, natural good promotion effect.

user target accuracy, high conversion. Do a single page of the webmaster will basically choose a high commission of the product as a promotional object, since only to promote a product, then the consumer group is a foregone conclusion. For example, the breast weight loss drug is sold to a female friend, topology mop is sold to the housework, since we understand the consumer groups, then select the site keywords and will have more spectrum, like "what slimming products", "XX clothing how" long tail key words, search intention is good, there are a strong desire to buy, as long as the web content is not bad, "the conversion rate is very high.

can replicate in a short amount of time. Single page Taobao once a successful business, then it is easy to replicate a similar project, all aspects of capital and energy inputs are very small, plus

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