Let buyers become long term customers three steps

I operate Taobao shop some tips to share with you.

first step: pre-sale (to attract customers to buy things in the conditions)

1 sources.

we all know, good supply is to attract customers, the seller must meet and meet customer requirements and styles of goods, such as sellers of the pictures are search to the customer, the customer to see his favorite merchandise, can click go to see.

2 quality

when the customer goods you love, then is the quality problem, so we should not only distinctive styles of goods to the customer, but also has the quality of high quality to the customer, when these two conditions are in line with the requirements of the customer, the success of the 80%.

3 price

when the customer accepted the above two points, the last is the price, my personal opinion is that as long as the commodity value for money (money), the seller is not the price, price difference in the same section and the same industry is not too large, customers are generally acceptable.

The second step: the sale of

(pay attention to communication skills, honest, enthusiasm for customer service) since I do Taobao, though not many, but I made a point that is honest, enthusiastic service for every customer. There may be some Amoy friends will complain, encountered some god like " " the same old attitude, when their own God like customers, good enthusiasm will be forgotten, and no enthusiasm for his services. Yes, Taobao is the circle of people, of every hue, what kind of people have, but if you encounter that no quality and rude customers, I still advocate patience and explain customer communication, finally let customer identification. Dear Amoy friends, after all, this is a small number of customers, most of our customers Taobao family are very quality and conservation of Oh!

in short, etiquette and courtesy is necessary, so as to narrow the distance between the customer and the elimination of strangeness, so that guests feel that we are using " heart ". In this way, the guests believe in us at the same time, we also believe that the goods, the final purchase of our goods.

third step: after sales (tracking service, to solve all the problems after sale)

actually after-sales service, in my personal opinion is the most important part of the seller is also the most important step for repeat customers. Every time after delivery I will leave a message to my customers, I told him the courier and express a single number (although the customer will get, but I still insist on doing so, it will make you feel intimate customer service). When each courier is expected to arrive when the customer has not yet confirmed the receipt of the goods, I will take the initiative to call the courier company to understand the situation, identify the reasons. Then the message to tell my customers (special reminder: can not wait until the guests to ask questions, we a.

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