Entrepreneur readme how to operate heavy vertical enterprise

Author: Anand Iyer Threadflip Product Manager

compilation: Shi Xiang

2009, Airbnb weekly income of about $200, almost bankrupt, since then, there are about 9000000 users. Etsy founded nearly 10 years, the valuation has doubled in the last two rounds of financing. The gradual but ultimately successful start-up companies, Uber and Lyft have paved the way for the rise of new forces.

Postmates, Getaround, Taskrabbit, etc., are quickly eroded to Craigslist as the representative of the early start of the company’s territory. Market driven start-up companies are more special because they face a more complex and diverse customer base. In the process of connecting buyers and sellers, these companies need to make sure that there is a positive interaction between the user and the user. As a product manager, second-hand clothing trading platform Threadflip I think, establish and maintain multi trust for such enterprises is very important, although the trust word sounds quite subjective and difficult to grasp, but in fact, the establishment of trust system is rule-based.

build super expected service to carefully analyze the Craigslist. As the platform users, you need to constantly search, send mail to the seller or service provider, but also to keep in touch with them later, in order to achieve the entire transaction process monitoring.

of course, all of this is done anonymously. With the use of mobile phone users to improve frequency, mobile App Co should pay extra attention to the appearance and function of the product design, can not be too simple. How much are you willing to pay for more efficient services and secured transactions, which is the opportunity to start trading platforms.

startups in order to succeed, you must get the user’s attention with the fastest speed. User stickiness is critical. Therefore, Craigslist and other companies will not easily collapse. The future trend is that most users will gradually focus on the performance of a better platform. Many people hope that the phone can achieve more features, which is more and more serious vertical companies favored by investors. Focus on mobile applications in a particular field, by doing fine and deep, also can win, such as cultivating the field of domestic Homejoy.

any person in charge of a start-up company, should meet the needs of users on the basis of continuing to build ultra expected service. Most mobile applications have both buyers and sellers evaluation system, such as Uber, Flywheel, Lyft, etc., at the end of each trip, they will prompt the driver and passengers to evaluate the use of experience. To make these data really valuable, they need to use the rating system to filter out some of the inferior users in an almost unnoticed way

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