Website money guide how to register for Adbrite

Adbrite in the United States can be said to be second only to Google and Yahoo’s largest Internet advertising and dealers, it also includes the user area on the global China payment, but also in the operation and rules than before both have many different, if not easily closed accounts, advertisement price is good, the application through the graphic introduce Adbrite advertising steps:
(Note: the following pictures click

1. can be amplified) first into the Adbrite page to register an account:

2. / > enter the home page, appear as follows:

3. />< began to apply in the position shown by clicking on the "Sign up now"

address need to use pinyin article A word such as

FuXingMen DaJie 1 Hao capital that the domestic box office of post

Make CHecks Payable to Chinese characters written name such as Wang SanWu

Tax pinyin is the ID

Minimum Check Amount can be left blank or is the minimum payment proposal can be changed at any time after 50.


5. to choose the right according to the Your ad here " schema; " Ads

Only Clean + network is

May include ads clean advertising for Viagra gambling

Includes Ads including gambling for Adult sites

Maximum number of 0.05 ads to allow at one time

is a display advertisement the number of


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