Where is the way for novice Taobao

looked at the railway station in May, said a lot of Taobao profit decline, just a month on station novice webmaster me, I feel very confused……


customer is to help Taobao promotion of goods and the seller in accordance with the turnover Commission (people may be individuals or website), formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. Taobao off is to help Taobao sellers to promote the product to earn commissions. As long as the goods get Taobao promotion link, let buyers through the promotion of your link to the Taobao store to purchase goods and confirm the payment, you can earn by the seller to pay commissions, no cost, no need to take the risk, the highest commissions commodity turnover 50%.

Taobao is currently divided into two forms:

1, directly on their website or blog to promote link products, this proportion should account for the majority. This is difficult to grasp for fixed customers. Customer randomness is relatively large.

2, Taobao webmaster get the rebate network type, part of the buyers commission. This advantage is to retain a fixed customer, with a fixed access to the customer, the owners will be more secure income.

is currently popular in two forms, the first kind of pure Taobao guest website, promotion is more difficult. Second discount nets, promotion, the need for a part of the pre funding.

for the grassroots webmaster how to make Taobao customers, make their sites survive? I am thinking Taobao + + customer information advertising alliance, for the novice webmaster, this chance of survival will be larger. One month to compare the cost of space domain name is to take out.

Taobao passenger effect is relatively slow, interviewed a lot of webmasters are basically 3 months before they have income, of course, those who do SEO master can be ignored, here to write more to the novice to see. Web site to add the content of information, so that the search engine will be more opportunities. And then join the appropriate advertising alliance, then with the advertising fee income, a month should be returned to the basic cost is not a problem.

to solve the problem of the basic survival of the site, this time the novice webmaster is how to promote, read a lot of older articles, the basic is the original, SEO, forums, etc……. Of course, this is the basis for website promotion. I don’t know what would be the effect of the chain, just add content, a month I stand a 100 article, Baidu included the sky before 300, do not know the result? Everything is still in exploration.

novice grassroots webmaster Taobao customers can take into account my this way, compared to only live to have the opportunity to make money. If the financial strength of the more abundant, of course, there will be more ways, but I do not have any money, only to save the bank…… I hope that this experience can bring a little bit of novice Taobao webmaster inspiration. The original Meiya channel: www.my58>

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