nternet entrepreneurship case way home how to solve O2O pain points

way home network formally launched on December 1, 2011. High quality The Resort Apartments reservation.

just a little more than a year.

in a large number of Internet business case, we see is: the first step is the accumulation of users, the second step of capital expansion, the third step is to establish the ecological system, the formation of industrial moat ".

even specific to many O2O companies, is this way, the next line resources to build a large number of users access online later (Online to Offline). The road home is not the same, from the beginning of the construction of the business model of the founder Luo Jun, it will force in the simultaneous construction of online and offline Ecology – the line to find listings, online find traffic, docking a variety of remaining resources. This year, the media reports, the way home is more exposure in government agencies and Poly Real estate, iron, Shimao shares and other top domestic developers, even the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau signed a strategic cooperation situation.

for passers home mode, the author mentioned in the text:

tourism real estate project has been the lack of customer service and standardization issues. The way home network is the tourism real estate and tourism industry grafting, Ctrip model copied to the tourism real estate industry. Model is not complex, but behind the need for strong resource integration capabilities and operational capabilities. In general, the road home model is a Ctrip coupled with hotel management operations, both to provide online booking, while the The Resort Apartments standardized management operations.

mode closed loop, online and offline ecological improvement, product standards, and finally, have to make money, which is actually a lot of O2O companies now survive the pain points.

, who is only one year old, now seems to be doing well in these areas – in addition to making profits.

founder and CEO Luo Jun said: what kind of company to do with each company’s DNA has a relationship. DNA’s decision to the future and development of enterprises, a pure online company, you want him to do the line, it is impossible, because no one inside the team understand.

way home DNA relative mix. Luo Jun, Oracle did Cisco and Avaya executives, former NASDAQ listed companies housing letter group co chief executive officer, general manager for Sina Locke, co-founder and CTO of Melissa from the way home "prototype" of HomeAway.

recently, tiger sniffing interview with Luo Jun. Here, listen to him O2O the real experience is how to start to build a moat".

following Luo Jun dictation, tiger sniffing finishing:

entrepreneurial motivation

I was first inspired by the 9.11 incident. At that time I was in Hawaii, is to be regulated out of the country, forced to be in 170>

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