nternet association organized search marketing Salon

Discuz Li Mingshun, vice president, click here to view all of the technology

the afternoon of July 19th, exchange and development center Chinese Internet association DISCOVERY 100 – i-world for market forces China network new "who will rewrite the current network marketing, achievement under a" search "marketing climax?" , the event aims to find new market forces in China network, found in the field of Internet new force.

The salon

Discuz!, 58 city, a music network, network world, spread media, media, media, check the odd moment diagram of the general manager, XPLUS, Tang union media and other enterprises to participate in the Sina Technology, full support.

below is the full text of the live record:

Moderator: Thank you

the time to come to our meeting today, I China Internet association Li yanjun. Here we invited guests to preside over today for us to do over.

host: Hello, I am Li Mingshun has been introduced, and today the Internet association Sharon, the theme is to find new media. I just saw a friend who’s here today. I found a lot of old people on the Internet, the new media, I would like to add the old experience, should be in the next stage can use their words to find the next Baidu. Let me tell you what we are doing today. Today Sharon’s theme is "looking for a new network of Chinese market forces" roughly divided into three processes this afternoon. The first is about 7 or 8 companies they want to do some things in this field, as well as some of their advantages. Then the second process there will be some new media should be said that the representative enterprise these bosses will come up with you to do an interactive discussion, and then have a chat in the new media marketing form how to do a good job in this industry.

the last part of this is a relationship with everyone here is a link, everyone can participate in the discussion of the topic, we all talk about the views of the market. Probably these three processes. Let’s start with the first process.

the first process I saw today. I put all the business guests introduce today, the first one is to spread the media Xin general manager Mr. rice. The second is from the Tang Dynasty Technology of Su zhen. Third from the moment media COO Mr. guo. Mr. Ren Xinguo, the fourth general manager of the mobile world. The fifth deputy general manager Zhou from the odd check. There is also a music network from behind the general manager called Du Xueqian. Seventh from the net anyp Mr. shen. Ms. Zhang Fenglei from Xplus. And we come from United Media Mr. Wang Jianjun. Wang was formerly senior vice president of Sohu. Wang is also the old man of the internet. And Mr. Yao Jinbo, 58. Thank you very much for coming to this place, we should say that the time to work out

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