2007 China’s online advertising industry five inventory

2008 02 month 04 morning, Silicon Valley dynamic information center, according to iResearch exclusive analysis report, detailed interpretation of 2007 Chinese online advertising industry.

inventory: paid search advertising market is developing rapidly, brand advertising to diversify the development of

related events: Baidu ranked first in China’s online advertising media revenue

in the first quarter of 2007, Baidu online advertising revenue 275 million yuan, ranking first in China’s online advertising revenue. According to iResearch iResearch research data show that Baidu to maintain strong growth momentum this year, quarterly revenue growth of over 100%, China paid search market into the takeoff phase.

related events two: China’s online advertising market will exceed 10 billion

iResearch according to iResearch statistics show that in 07 years Chinese network advertisement market continued to maintain rapid development momentum, the paid search advertising leap growth, China online advertising market size is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan. At the same time, rich media ads, video ads, such as in-game advertising market share is rising gradually, new forms of advertising appear constantly, brand advertising also by the graphics, text links and other traditional forms of advertising to the diversification of the direction of further development.

iResearch comment: network marketing Antz type high-speed growth of small and medium enterprises has greatly promoted the rapid development of paid search advertising market, Baidu as a leader in the field of Chinese paid search advertising revenue, 07 years to achieve 100% growth, has become the largest network marketing media China. At the same time, the brand advertising market has also achieved a steady growth, but the growth rate, there is no rapid growth of search advertising. Along with the network of new media forms diversified emerging, brand advertising forms also continue to show the direction of diversification, community marketing from concept to application, rich media and video advertising will also face the hitherto unknown development opportunity. Brand advertisers put forward the direction of the integration of network marketing, advertisers pay more attention to the actual return of online advertising, rather than just click.

inventory two: international and domestic online advertising market restructuring, set off a wave of staking

related events: Focus Media acquisition of good Ye network, the creation of miracles and other Internet advertising agents

March 2007, Focus Media to $225 million acquisition of good – China’s largest Internet advertising agents and Internet advertising technology provider, for the audience’s massive mergers and acquisitions kicked off. After the acquisition of good, Focus Media on the Internet advertising technology and services market a series of mergers and acquisitions integration, in order to consolidate its leading position in the online advertising market. In the second half of Focus Media acquired the Chinese game industry’s largest advertising agency miracle, digital advertising network advertising Shang Xicheng media and other companies, large-scale expansion of the product line.

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