Guest guest on promotion of commercial impact on the website optimization SEO

joined Taobao more and more people off this occupation, but money is one of the few people, some people will say I can earn money is rarely mentioned here only, at least to Amoy to earn money and normal work, can be made flat. Many of the previous promotion has become increasingly difficult, many forum or guest or shield links with roll bean. Like the happy net, such sites also have to have a large number of million people began to stick to control the trumpet blocked, advertising is becoming more and more strict, so do the only long-term Taobao off the money of the road is to build your own web site, through the optimization of website promotion natural ranking search engine so as to improve the traffic and conversion rates.

so, now do guest website templates are in general use is the most dark Empire, weaving template station, also like Amoy Dongdong template etc.. But because the dark empire is the template API call provided within the pages of product pages, this station is now blocked Baidu very much, the reason lies in the net page all use a large number of API calls Taobao, created the "duplication of a large number of pages, the search engine to reduce the user experience greatly, so it is blocked, in fact, Never mind much and between and Baidu rivalry.

is website promotion of all categories of no breakdown product line like the dark Empire, weaving product version, edition, the Amoy Dongdong, this website looks to the user’s choice and purchase has played a catalytic role, but from the perspective of search engine website optimization to pay attention to is not good, because the purpose of why? The website is very bad for the home page optimization keyword density, can not use keywords to choose keywords, so in this case will be similar to the optimization of,, home mall hot words like this, but this word is very difficult to sit up, you go to the analysis that they even outside the system is very powerful, very few through normal web site optimization do, buy black chain, even outside, black hat tactics, battle group tactics emerge in an endless stream So, drink this station is a thankless task of competition, and informal way to enhance the website weight website although many stations are K emerge in an endless stream, but at the same time, there will be a lot of standing in the country.

now do guest website is recommended to do a category of products or a product line, such as weight loss, breast enhancement products such professional website, because this site can choose good keywords and the whole site keywords layout play a good role in promoting, and you choose these words when the user access to the site of the time will be very targeted for users, the conversion rate is very favorable. The choice of keywords to give up those very popular words, some users interested in a rigid demand word to optimize the effect will be much better, although less traffic, but compared to the flow of words will be a very good conversion rate, the website optimization objective to earn money not to earn traffic, unless did you stand then it is not the topic of this paper. So I hope that

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