2014 my entrepreneurial history A little advice for entrepreneurs

perhaps, we feel that the Internet has come to now, there is no development, the development of small sites will be more dead, large sites are dead, entrepreneurship is not basically no way?

actually, we don’t need to be afraid of, today I’ll tell you about my business history! I go today, indeed accumulated a lot of experience with a lot of detours, I write out hope that we don’t go my way, many entrepreneurs take a shortcut


graduated from the University in 2010, in Capitel, Beijing friends should know that is 1.5 in the semi private enterprises, a good environment, internship for three months, the first week of the positive after I quit, I think I do not fit to the code, I want to start


2010 November, my home has established its own 3658 group purchase network, 3 brothers partnership, I think I must be invincible, too young, after all, just graduated, Xuchang is the first group purchase network, that is certainly to the point of bovine B shameless, but often backfire, all the frustration we consider are have a solution, but did not take into account the three of us have differences, when entrepreneurs say well, one left, in 2011 March, just a few months, my child died in my arms, I weep alone for a long time, I feel that I should not be so. I should

business success!

lesson: partnership business can be done, but be sure to sign a contract, the money did not invest back to say!

in 2011 May, I asked mom to 5000 yuan, I made a spicy string of car, I sold a total of 1 years of spicy string, I want to save money, I want to start, the second half of 2012, I save to 3W dollars, the middle of the hard work I do not say, I only said that I

start today!

at the end of 2012, founder of the people can play the first shopping network, B2C website, business to a bottleneck, an unexpected chat, a home shopping network we are the largest in Xuchang, the boss let me buy a website funded, abolished, I went to his company to do the operation manager did this until 2013 October! Quit! Don’t say why


lesson: depend on others, to help people work, do not know a e-commerce boss best not to tell! Because there is no big development, he is mainly the development of offline business, the website is just a pretext for


in 2013 November, I was a friend called Xi’an, founder of the Tesco mall 1000017 point com and 029788 point com Xi’an daily group purchase network, March 22, 2014, as of today, just 3 months, I hope I can stick to it, I have to stick to it, I want to achieve my last business platform!

I’m a little bit of advice for Entrepreneurs:

first, entrepreneurship, we must learn to adhere to, do not see other sites >

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