Yiqifa Union Prize survey started

Yiqifa Union Prize investigation started!

Media release: Admin5,

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dear webmaster friends:

to thank you for your long-term support of Yiqifa alliance, in order to allow us to serve you better, improve service quality and value Yiqifa alliance, we will in the near future to carry out "award Yiqifa union satisfaction survey". Please take part in our busy schedule to participate in our award survey. Every valuable advice you give will be the direction of our improvement.

to thank you for your participation, to participate in the award of the site owners will have the opportunity to get a cash reward". For details, please refer to: http://s.research.eqifa.com/

Yiqifa alliance marketing platform

in Yiqifa prize survey, with Kingston

1GB TF Card

today, the largest alliance marketing platform – Yiqifa alliance to carry out "award union satisfaction survey". The event aims to improve the service quality and value of the alliance through the investigation, closer cooperation between the alliance and the webmaster.


survey is divided into three parts: the first part is the whole alliance survey; survey Yiqifa services in second parts; the third part is a survey of the site.

is involved in this investigation of the site owners will have the opportunity to get a cash reward, see http://s.research.eqifa.com/

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