business discussion if the Tencent copied your project

is estimated to be the most tragic Tencent entrepreneurs, because there is no one who wants to start his own business in the field of Internet tycoon early intervention. Guo Ziwei, director of the original content of the NetEase portal author is claiming that if the Tencent copied me, I quit to go to Tencent, big spit entrepreneurs unhappy. If investors ask you "if the Tencent copied your project, what would you do?", how do you answer? If your project is really copied, what do you do? How do you do to the Tencent behind



(Tencent’s strategic expansion of plagiarism)

second phase discussion is " venture if the Tencent copy of your project!" see how you answer:

Tong Weiliang (Gobi investment managing director)

1, do yourself. Ask yourself, do what you have to do is the core business of Tencent? WeChat / M chat /talkbox case can see, if the Tencent’s core business, the result is get rid of, at least not good day. So do not wait for investors to ask you to ask yourself.

2, see the opponent. But any large company internal resources are limited, if the non core business, the company’s internal projects to obtain less resources, the team is not necessarily more.

3, a good strategy. Therefore, in the field of a start-up company, do a good job in the short term product planning, set a good strategy;

4, do a good job. And then pour out the product quickly, constantly adjust the product according to user feedback, do a good job in the big guy has not been able to react before getting a certain size of the user.

5, capital support. Then, perhaps it really needs to promote capital, expand the team, strengthen marketing, the resources available to help with the capital (team, capital, contacts, alliances), greater than the large companies do similar products within the team.

or you have a certain scale of users, make strategic investment company, is also a way, but it is best to financial investors and joint investment, relative to maintain your independence in a relatively long period.

or, by large companies mergers and acquisitions is also a choice.

6, follow the heart

of course, after knowing these, still have to ask yourself, do you do poineering work really like, love, fanatical to do? If yes, let the above let it be. Follow your heart, to do what you want to do is king, all entrepreneurs are risk, think good too perfect may not be successful, follow your heart, maybe the chance will come


Chen Yongjun (founder of a micro social networking platform)

what would you do if the Tencent copied your project?

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