We have been closer to the failure Grassroots entrepreneurship N trap


1 grassroots entrepreneurs have a high probability of failure, one of the key is too much emphasis on the dream of the great, and ignore the importance of making money quickly;

2 technical entrepreneurs tend to ignore the value of the market. In fact, great products, but also need to have the user and the market to pay;

3 blind superstition experts and superstition collective decision-making is not too reliable. Entrepreneurs should have their own judgment and the courage to make decisions;

4 not picky eaters. Mature markets have been entered, as long as the difference to find the entry point of competition, even the Red Sea, it may not have no chance.

order · entrepreneurship, not just a passionate thing

Why does

want to start a business?

in a variety of different answers, many of which may be related to "interest", "dream". In 2012, a survey of domestic entrepreneurial motivation showed that 72% of people make decisions for their hobbies.

is also in this report, there is a disturbing group of data: 57% of entrepreneurs said that the lack of in-depth understanding of their entrepreneurial field".

to look up at the sky, but also look down the road. A dream is a good thing, but in the pursuit of dreams, we need to pay attention to those who may give up halfway "road to success" entrepreneurial trap.

one, only talk about dreams do not talk about money


a domestic college students entrepreneurial team, had dreamed of creating a Chinese LinkedIn. In this "magnificent dream" inspired, they are planning a complex product architecture, algorithm and implementation process, and, in their initial plan, the target user defined product was 1 hundred million, the company long-term valuation of $10 billion.

but they forget that the team only three people, is almost penniless students. The final one dropped out, the other two did not stick to the product forming project finally aborted.

entrepreneurial process, they have seen a lot of investors, we are not so optimistic about the three young people do such a huge plan. Some investors said that if the team is willing to do something closer to the money, the product, the first to feed themselves, then they are willing to give investment.

but the three proud young men refused.


another 2013 visit to the domestic entrepreneurship group shows that the majority of grassroots entrepreneurs are the biggest concern is the lack of money". And entrepreneurship has never been according to the weight of the difference between the distribution of combat, if you choose the same field, you have to compete with the rich handsome – unless you really can move the dream of all.

or start from an early age, to find "from"

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