Speed up the collection of Baidu and re included vernacular

I made a forum www.906030.cn, more than a month, has not been optimistic about Baidu (perhaps I was too impatient.), with the PHPWIND, I also know that the use of DISCUZ will be relatively better, but I value the entertainment and speed. I always suspected the domain name used to be K, well, not to say, to the point of ~~

accelerate Baidu included:

1 often update your site is not bad, but Baidu update your new site may be half a month to a month or so

2 to do your new sites, exchange a few links, do not have too much (as long as the other side does not cheat, often updated, included normal on the line)

3 in the popular forum post, modify, (implicit domain name connection), reply the more the better.

4 Baidu Post Bar publicity, it is necessary skills, be careful Oh ~ ~ (remember to use less, so as not to think of cheating)

5 Baidu know, look for answers to questions, answer and attach a link (remember to use less, so as not to think of cheating)

let Baidu re included method:

1 to bind your domain name to a domain name blog or web page, in this re submit on the OK.

2 can also jump to your domain name to a larger portal, such as Baidu, Google, etc..

3 registered Baidu Alliance (http://s.union.baidu.com/) add the code on your site and submit again (which included

with money)

4 everywhere website publicity, improve the engine speed to access your station (everyone knows).

5 the charges (this at the end would not say it), the most direct and effective way, but must be willing to RMBO (a _ U) O

do not every day site, with site are the webmaster, Baidu know you want to let it included you, it must be k you, even call money.

original address: http://s.906030.cn/read.php? Tid-1056.html

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