How to put GG and Baidu theme promotion advertising

      Google and Baidu ads can coexist

      has been to see a lot of sites while floating Google Adsense and Baidu theme promotion, and even YAHOO advertising. I was wondering, Google Adsense planning policy is not prohibited at the same time put other text related types of advertising it? In the laggards there are many webmaster in asking the same question, everyone guessing also put Google Adsense and Baidu theme promotion is relatively large, it should be Google Adsense for large customers with more liberal policies.

      this year, the Google Adsense program policy digital update, the current description of competitive advertising is:

      competitive advertising and service

      to avoid misleading users, if other advertising or service includes a website with corresponding Google ads or search box the same layout and color, we will not be allowed to publish Google ads or search box on the site. Although you can sell ads directly on your website, it is your responsibility to make sure that these ads are not confused with Goolge advertising.

      and the word used is the web site rather than the web page. Is it possible to put a website in one of the two? Yesterday, with questions, I sent an email to the Google Adsense support team to express my questions. After the message is sent, the system will respond within 24 hours, if the problem is not representative, it may be extended to 48 hours.

      here, to praise the efficiency of Google Adsense customer service staff. Many webmasters have said, Google Adsense reply fast enough, usually within 24 hours to reply to the message. Although some of the previous format language, but are constantly improving.

      this year, received a reply from Google Adsense. In the message, the Google Adsense team stressed that the layout and color of the third party advertising and not to be close to Google Adsense, misleading users, allowing users to think that these ads and Google related. Let the user know that the ads on the site are from different advertising alliance.

      so I tried to put a Google Ads> on a web site at the same time

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