Advertising mission website will enter the novice grave cautious

probably hazy remember, the first advertising task site type, it should have been more fiery Bux station. That is, by clicking browse ads, get a certain amount of commission. At that time, understand the beginning, overlapping SP alliance of the Internet boom began the era of big bumps, wangzhuan. While the foreign Bux site also entered China at a faster rate.

however, because this model is relatively mature, many participants cannot obtain money motivation (the majority to operate for 1 years, can earn 1 yuan), but also for basic development pattern, Pyramid pattern, no innovation at all.

after years of running, in the 07 year, when the advertising task website of the originator, atask station (due to copycat and operations over the poor, to collapse by 58 AD) webmaster task network first, commissioned by Chen, 3000 yuan to develop this program. This program was already has a prototype advertising task site, function of basic taste (but because of the condition at that time, and not too many details, then a few years also increased the details of the project, a few websites related innovation) which is the earliest, the advertising task network.

atask but it was no virtue, free sale of this kind of program, also created a website advertising task after the flood, and finally become a can not be ignored in the category of a web site. At that time, because there is no more perfect encryption measures, it can be said that there are a lot of versions of the source file for sale, most sites do not pay, do not mention now, only through the sales process profits. The atask is also due to the lack of innovation and mode transition in the late repeat, but quit this trend. Because in addition to the outside of the station, also has a complete program of the site, only a 58task, so after 2009 this year after the storm, 58task has become one of the few remaining task site.

and the advertising task network, after which the shepherd 178, know-all A new force suddenly rises., etc. beyond count had joined in the website. A 2010 advertising task class website is brilliant, but due to the payment of costs are relatively high, and the excessive competition is intense, many sites caused by malicious competition, such as over 10 Fen withdrawals per click, pay 1 yuan, loss of business. The advertising task website competition, one after another, and no one can really make money, can be said to be very sad. At that time also caused many users of Wangzhuan lost confidence, also in this key.

For example, 178

stop paying more than half a year, Google union closed, know-all refused to pay and other events. And after the emergence of predators I want to send advertising task long task network by malicious advertising advertisers, money laundering letter, sealed part of the membership payment account restrictions, it is to deceive many people to join to help its promotion, and more recently, rumors of his message to run away, it is amazing.

after the emergence of the gradual integration of the development of a number of Web sites to launch live >

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