Dry cargo sharing six ways to promote effective Taobao mall

recently saw a lot of Taobao mall merchants say no business, more and more difficult to do business, but also to see a part of the Taobao mall just do not know how to promote business. Here I based on personal experience to do Taobao mall flagship store promotion ideas for your reference.

we first look at the concept of Taobao mall. Taobao mall is the need to register the company qualification, to pay a certain fee to participate in the part of Taobao, is relative to the market business, set up a lot of high threshold. Recent Taobao mall is revealed to be brewing a new round of management system upgrade, in order to encourage businesses to improve the operational service capabilities, to raise the threshold again, the annual technical service fee will rise many times.

Taobao mall overall product pages are weighted higher than general Taobao C store, which is why we often see in the Taobao search commodity Taobao mall ranked in the cause of the search results page, and because in terms of service review and Taobao mall more stringent, more easy to get the trust of buyers, the price difference is not the case often can receive priority users click, it is easy to produce viscous to buyers. There are a lot of strength brand businesses that settled Taobao mall, with a high weight product page will appear good sales, but we can clearly see that there are a lot of Taobao mall business situation is not satisfactory, sales volume is very low, even worse than the ordinary Taobao diamond C shop. As everyone knows, give you the golden rod, you also need to be fishing.

Taobao mall is not passive, do not wait for some customers. Taobao C shop is selling goods, Taobao mall selling brand. Taobao mall should fully play the advantages of the operation of the brand to take the initiative to operate, to create a high flow, high viscosity, high conversion B2C mall. Taobao mall early operations in addition to good planning, promotion should be the top priority.

Taobao mall, after all, is part of Taobao. Where the customer, its promotion and Jingdong such as independent store promotion is different, do not promote Taobao in the delineation of the platform, the effect will be less effective. After a long period of practice, I believe that the effect of the promotion of the more significant are the following:

a, commodity Title optimization. Taobao uses YAHOO’s search engine technology, the essence of the Title Optimization is actually Taobao SEO. After constant practice, you can analyze the Taobao search engine ranking system and commodity title has a great relationship. Popularity, sales, praise rate and other factors, of course, have a greater impact. But Taobao mall itself has the advantage of high weight, heading for the appropriate optimization will increase the number of natural flow of the mall’s business will play a very important role, but it is currently the number of the most important part of Taobao mall.

two, through train. Through train is the most direct and most effective way to promote. It is an important part of the promotion of Taobao mall but there should not be too large proportion. The Taobao mall station data analysis, combined with in-depth understanding of the product itself, and then to train with, is to create a burst.

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