On the Chinese click Wangzhuan phenomenon of put up the shutters

hair promotion rich uncle in Chinese click Wangzhuan is three years, there is a general understanding and analysis of the Chinese click Wangzhuan industry, doing nothing, just click on the Chinese Wangzhuan "Xing also fast, die fast" to do a simple analysis, hope to have a little help interested in Chinese click Wangzhuan station. Now the domestic sites showing the speed of development, one can say like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, a new site every day, if careful search, will find some new day. This is a good phenomenon, indicating that the country is now moving into this area, have development, in order to have good results, I think this is the truth! But at the same time, is also a problem, that is, the domestic Wangzhuan has not been a basic operating norms, leading to many click on the Chinese website put up the shutters phenomenon.

1 do Wangzhuan program: now the lack of originality of the simple procedure of online yisou a large program, it is said that some one yuan can fix. As the program is developed by others, they will not write a lot of data, click on the Chinese station opened after the discovery, the webmaster can operate, others can also into his station operation, the owners do not have the feeling of safety, or to update the subject to the programmer, not only the end.

2 free space to blame: this leads to many people just want to make a station, next to the program, to find a free space, started his own station, as for the stability of the space, there is no need to care of him! This will be a group of just a few days, and then disappeared. Stop! Free space is some server vendors in order to attract customers from a space service, now find online, too much free space! But there are restrictions, such as limiting your traffic! In fact Wangzhuan station is one of those free space blocked, because these stations have a development, the flow is big, this leads to the pressure of the server! So, want to let their station, must upgrade space, because of the need to pay, also caused many people to stand once closed, will not go to his


3 owners of interest: there are now a lot of the station, is a station in station to look at other people’s good, he is a little warm, but when the station opened a period of time, sometimes even a few days, when someone questions began to pay for others, he found that the original is not so fun, so I just put up the shutters! These phenomenon is bound to solve the


4 site no profit pattern: most of the webmaster Wangzhuan click in to find advertisers and web site to run on only his first advertisement, start losing money in operation, with membership increasing, owners are unable to pay, but to close the door.

The lack of integrity of the

5: Chinese click Wangzhuan stand, mostly in the form of individual open, so the system is man! From the distribution of the score, click offline system, reward random change, make friends to keep up with the station, no one to play, only the end of the site the. >

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