Li Qin Liu Chuanzhi’s entrepreneurial partner

  Li Qin believes that improving market strain rate is critical for large enterprises.

Lenovo in high-rise inside, and Liu Chuanzhi Li Qin had played in the world who is one of the most low-key. The day before, in a private meeting, a reporter to interview the Lenovo hero.

the current Lenovo holding company executive vice president, chairman of Digital China Holdings Limited Li Qin in 1965 graduated from the Beijing Institute of mechanical engineering, Chinese worked for the Institute of computing sixth research room, and Liu Chuanzhi with a research office.

memories and old Liu Lenovo has just set up the day, Li Qin said, at that time, smoking only 5 cents a pack of smokes…… But now he is Lenovo holding "no matter minister", in addition to formulate a long-term development strategy, nobody thing for him to ensure the overall, Lenovo like playing volleyball has a blind spot does not allow; someone did not manage the things he must manage, each department do not have a copy of my review".

for Guo Wei scoring performance

now in China, Li Qin is just a person, Guo Wei, the "key performance indicators evaluation system" he. During the interview, Li Qin saw last year, Kuo Wei to reporters: scores over the same period by the target to estimate the total score is 74 points, of which software revenue 42; completed according to schedule estimation score of 63." The score is not high, but Li Qin is satisfied. He said that the score during the Spring Festival holiday season, not easy. He added: young people must have the goal, otherwise people will think your words do not count, do not believe you.

Li Qin appreciate solid, self-motivated, responsible young people. He said that young people should not talk too much, the maximization of personal benefits is not necessarily maximize the effectiveness of enterprises. Like a cask, such as

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