The wind blows the essence of the Wangzhuan

What is the

network, referred to as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan?, broadly speaking, through this network platform to make money is higher. For entrepreneurs is "electronic commerce", to the grassroots webmaster is higher, as is one thing, but strictly speaking, there is a difference. E-commerce, that is, on the network to obtain revenue from marketing products, sales on the ground is actually a platform for change, there is no essential difference. But in the webmaster Wangzhuan, is varied, have to do research, hang up the money; do stand advertising money; sales of products to make money, is the electronic commerce; have to do the training to make money; through their own technology to help people complete the task to make money and so on. Thus, the category of e-commerce Wangzhuan than the much broader, therefore, e-commerce is only a subset of Wangzhuan. Just like on the ground work of various grades and ranks, Wangzhuan is actually the same, the essence is the same, but the platform is not the same, one on the ground, one on the network. If you want to get into high school Wangzhuan low level three, so I divided:

rank: do Wangzhuan investigation or click on ads or hook to make money, this Wangzhuan like drudgery, long working time and low income, rather than on the ground promotional leaflets, and even less, with a professional vocabulary called network of migrant workers. If you have friends in the Wangzhuan, persuade them to give up.

intermediate Wangzhuan: Taobao owners and owners, have their own web site, or rely on advertising to make money or make money selling products; also include some website, domain name speculation on the network of people.

senior Wangzhuan: This is a real network business, expand the site made famous sites, and therefore obtain venture capital or set up a company or to be acquired, such as hao123, Xicihutong; for the shop, is to make their own brands, like lemon Green Tea.

with the increasing popularity of the Internet, Internet users increased from 09 years in 300 million to 10 years of 400 million, e-commerce market is the common good, Wangzhuan market is also more and more people into the. However, the market does not mean casually can earn money, money is always a few people, Wangzhuan doesn’t make people rich overnight, with the ground to do business, in essence depends on the individual business thinking, technology or the second, you don’t have to spend money to do, this is the habits of traders. Therefore, those who think that they do not have the technology, will not be afraid of the station and the network is not a real businessman, or do not have a businessman’s mind. How many people on the network in the network so utterly ignorant of the first person to make a lot of money, none other than Ma Yun, there are many like Ma Yun do not understand the technology in the network to earn a lot of money


I just contact network, also once stumbled had lower Wangzhuan for a period of time, to do the investigation that, now it seems that it is a waste of time. Later, it turned to do the webmaster, nothing grassroots webmaster. Stop doing business, like a stall on the ground, income is higher than the white-collar workers, there are symplectic >

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