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Kelan diamond CEO Guo Feng

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2007, Guo Feng, Wang Yong, Wei Hong, Li Hai and other four founded Cochran diamond, registered with 1 million yuan of funds to start a business of diamonds.

they are going to do is simple: for young people marriage market, through more direct channels, allowing users to buy more cost-effective diamonds; at the same time, enterprises to maintain a reasonable profit, rather than the traditional jewelry industry profits 6-10 times.

for them, the first year is two words: alive. Groping forward, take a lot of detours, by the end of 2008, the four founders of a night will change the Kelan diamond trajectory, the location of the meeting is very strange in McDonald’s. They firmly in one direction: through the Internet diversion, through the store to achieve sales. To this end, cut off the TV shopping, bank shopping and other contributions to the mode of cash flow.

the power of this model began to appear two years later.

at that time, e-commerce circles have one hundred million yuan club, can enter this circle to speak, are the annual turnover of more than 100 million electricity supplier website. In 2010, Kelan diamond CEO Guo Feng can finally be proud to join the circle. "I finally relieved, Kelan diamond can finally equal exchange in more than and 20 companies." Guo Feng said.

2011, Tencent to invest Kelan diamond, rumors of $30 million. The investment of Tencent changed Kelan diamond "model". Prior to this, users buy Kelan diamond need to pay a deposit, Kelan diamond with their advance funds and deposit customers to buy raw materials processing and production, 20 days after the user can get the goods, payment settlement. The disadvantage of this model is that the larger the business the more money is not open, the user experience is not good.

investment Tencent, Kelan diamond do two things: shop, purchase, get rid of the futures mode.

with the traditional jewelry, Kelan diamond 80% customers from the Internet, online revenue accounted for 40% of overall revenue, accounting for 60% of the line. At present, Kelan diamond in the 33 national city with 36 store experience, experience stores as warehouses, since some large payment, money, experience, customer service service such as multiple roles.

Kelan diamond how to achieve online and offline interaction? What is different with the traditional jewelry industry? Kelan diamond CEO Guo Feng tells the Kelan diamond in the five years.


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1 million yuan started doing diamond

I have a problem in the industry, which was cheated, just want to do which line, the money back.

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