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entrepreneurship is a continuous hot topic, after the students talk, there are some examples based on the entrepreneurship of college students share out of dry cargo. The day before, see small Qian an article entitled "College Students’ entrepreneurial mind: failure" and investors in the struggle in the article, the students shared a hand full of confidence of investors began to do the business after the case ended in failure.

although the article attracted many interactive readers, but also think small qian can’t learn from pointing out the nature of the knowledge, but this article takes my past three-dimensional thoughts of Internet entrepreneurs ", so we use in this paper is a summary of my previous business, and share with family together my views on the entrepreneurship of College students.

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campus learning theory more than practice things, deliberately spread in some cases failed to evade the crucial point of the textbook case, students become idealistic people is not difficult. In the understanding of the current Internet Co in the product chain, human resources chain, service chain of many systems, the surface of the situation, as if it has been completely successful Internet Co.

see Forbes list more and more Internet heavyweights, I have brothers and I have friends, if in accordance with previous experience completely copy mode, and then clockwise innovation to improve, I also have a chance to succeed, I keep working passion than I have much to others when I don’t want to do jobs.

passion can turn into positive energy, but not easy to control. Now than the 2,3 year old college graduates who are in the life the most energetic when people think Bill Gates, Jobs technology bigwigs are not finished college to start a business, I have successfully finished college, as long as I have the opportunity to be enough effort.

a lot of opportunities, but Bill Gates and the opportunity to find the competition is not less than the current domestic competition in the civil service jobs in the small. What’s more, opportunity is the only opportunity in the hands of those who can seize the opportunity. I think one day I can change the world, become the pride of the people, have a dream too good, small modest also in time to prepare to work in this direction.


, Bill Gates and Jobs in college before it was the legendary "computer master", if not in college, there have been a number of practical experience, we can only be regarded as the "business" of the dreamer, long-term expectations will be empty talk excited vision.

college students start to remember: in the fight against investors failed in a text of a small K students just graduated in the electricity supplier companies do not think sales do not intend to open the electricity supplier in the support of investors. This might be wrong at first. Why business? Business takes our passion to positive energy, if it is because he was the other king circumstances force us to business, so our business is passive, passive behind may herald your entrepreneurial project > save

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