Learn to give the team points instead of waiting for the light to shine on you

with a team of people, the most let me feel sorry, not a person what low-level or unforgivable mistake, but people always love their professional enough, or not understand, protect the dignity of occupation in youth is much more important than salary.

recently had a similar feeling, from a UI Designer (and nowadays the majority of entrepreneurs, our team is trying to burnish a can bring distinctive value for users of mobile APP products, has not yet formally extended conversation). Join the company more than a year, she has been responsible for three projects, but for various reasons, her work has not been a significant breakthrough, it did not get enough attention to the team. Ok, listening to her with anger and not too willing to tone, I had to encourage her to finish vomit tank.

"I really think this design work is very tired, I last year how much overtime? I have no share in year-end bonus…… Everyone can design the product manager is not satisfied with the backseat driver, to be changed, not satisfied with the operation to be changed, the boss is not satisfied to be changed, almost everyone can lead me…… Don’t you think our company doesn’t pay much attention to design? "

I’m not going to contradict her. "Go back to the beginning. Do you like the design?"

"OK, not not love, but not love."

she has five years of working experience, is a senior designer, heard the words commom;cynical answer, I admit some disappointment, but as "youth who are not confused, perhaps she is in a temporary confusion. I turned to her, you think Apple’s designers, or millet phone, FB, WeChat, etc. these more successful products, if you are their designers, how do you feel?

"of course I want to be their designer, but don’t you think that our products have been a problem? Do you think our products can become them?……

actually, she was sure that I will never become Apple’s designer, or, because our products can not be apple, she also did not have the opportunity to become a famous designer to follow."

said that the conversation was actually over in my mind. She’s not a particularly good UI designer, and I know her very well. However, at first I thought that her main problem is not enough encouragement and recognition, after all, everyone needs someone’s identity, which is understandable.

but this communication, I really understand, what she needs most is not incentive and identity, not to break through the bottleneck of professional competence, but she participated products can become a successful product, then she will naturally be more people know she is a famous designer of this product "".

I would like to remind her that our conversation, from beginning to end, did not really touch the UI design itself

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