Ministry of Agriculture China’s rural electricity supplier development there are three major pain po December 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lei Min) said the Ministry of agriculture market and the economic information department deputy director Wang Xiaobing before the development of e-commerce in rural areas is an important means to accelerate the transformation of China’s agricultural development, but at this stage, China’s rural electricity supplier in the development process, is also facing the high cost, profit and difficult to fake spread three pain points.

Wang Xiaobing here at the first Chinese investment and cross-border electricity supplier industry summit forum "said that China’s rural electricity supplier there are three pain points in development: one is the development of electronic commerce is an important channel to reduce the original transaction costs of agricultural products, but the fact is that in order to meet the needs of consumers personalized and accurate consumer demand and many agricultural products business platform in logistics transportation mainly rely on scattered express, the cost is not reduced; the two is for agriculture, the vast majority of business platform still does not earn money; three is the electronic commerce is supposed to be the most trusted platform, but the status quo is that there are many fake agricultural products business platform.

Wang Xiaobing believes that in order to achieve the sustainable development of rural e-commerce, first to correctly handle the relationship between the government and the market, the government should provide a better environment, including policy environment, institutional environment, market supervision environment etc.. At the same time, we should vigorously develop agricultural cross-border electronic business platform to expand overseas markets. The study on how to grasp the implementation of "The Belt and Road" and other national strategic opportunities. In addition to imports, in particular to increase the import of resource products at the same time, we must find ways to make our quality, characteristics of agricultural use of cross-border electricity supplier platform to go out".

It is reported that

, the first China investment and cross-border electricity supplier industry summit forum "by Chinese International Investment Promotion Association, will set up Chinese International Investment Promotion Committee will discuss the work of the electricity supplier, how to use the China commerce agencies and The Belt and Road" strategy to promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier issues.

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