Electrical digital 50 percent off department store 12 second national online double love feast 12


double ended, many girls and prodigal prodigal man to chop hands, double 12 "cut the hand of war has started the war. The appliance manufacturers have resorted to the killer, Zaizhan shopping carnival. Gome online in the price "low", with "12.12 love shopping festival" as the theme of the appliance, full of hundred thousand less mobile phone explosion models 5 fold other huge benefits big promotion, in December 12 completely detonated the whole network.


single coupon maximum reduction of 1212 yuan

money, Gome online double 12 preferential than the wayward double 11, and launched the "really low fast cut" four big promise of love, namely "factory direct supply, 100%; price guarantee for 30 days, you will lose 300 dollar Jingdong; 178 city of time, under a single morning, afternoon arrival; 12 on the day of UnionPay online payment over 100 minus 20", "love" to bring the user experience. There is a commitment, really cheap, absolute love, consumers can be assured in the 12 double love buy!

when some electricity providers are still playing 10 yuan 20 yuan is not equal to general audience coupons, Gome online double 12 has been free of 1 billion 200 million home appliances coupons, coupons orders up to minus 1212 yuan. 0 points and grab a free single more step, eliminating the tedious full reduction, direct free single, 3150 free single event zero grab, highest 4999 yuan from. In addition, as long as the payment orders over 499 yuan can participate in the lottery, and the lottery will. Free and high cash coupons, more than 100 dollars, consumers benefit, absolute love.


appliances strongest huge benefits straight down thousands of

mobile phone

Gome with its real price of goods real cheap household appliances has been ranked the forefront of the industry. The double 12 big decisive "bloodletting", in addition to payment of 1 billion 200 million home coupons, each big brand manufacturers have many great effort to help out, blasting efforts boutique hot new variety, low price discounts and other promotions big deals. Small appliances 4 fold, major brand mobile phone straight down thousands of computer, at least 1212 to 1212 combined coupons, including 62 yuan red tickets and 23 tickets to a $50 blue red coupons, cash coupons equivalent to general audience unlimited category. 1P variable frequency air conditioning 1212 yuan limit grab, with a maximum of $1212 to reduce the bill, color TV with a full reduction of 1000 by 100. Quad core big mobile phone 605 yuan, 1399 yuan micro camera, Samsung is the lowest 559 yuan, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and other appliances special big big discount promotion.

the United States online double 12 for Apple love powder, carry out a variety of selling products in the price of Apple special activities to promote the new listing this year, Apple iPhone 6 14G mobile phone, regardless of performance or the appearance of iPhone is a new generation of supreme, but without hesitation the price, only 5288 yuan, iPhone6 plus dual 12 panic buying activities only 5885 yuan, the price premium can turn into Nouveau riche.

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