Ma ten years from the concept of network into occupation

"ten years ago, the network is only a concept, ten years later, the network has become an occupation. There have been broad business, Zhejiang, Shanxi, ten years ago, we put forward the concept of "network", at that time, we believe that in twenty-first Century only a businessman, is the ‘network’."

in December 18th, at the second session of e-traders conference opening ceremony of the Chengdu forum, review the development process of the electronic business for ten years, Ma Yun said. The same day, Alibaba and Chengdu hosted the third session of the net goods fair. This year in May and in September, Alibaba has been held in Guangzhou and Hangzhou, the two session of the fair.

1997, Chinese e-commerce era, Ma from Hangzhou Beijing beijing. Twelve years later, in 2009, Chinese net sales of more than 230 billion yuan, more than 200 billion Ma predicted that next year the transaction volume of Taobao will be more than 400 billion yuan, will remain at an annual growth rate of 100%.

looking back ten years, Ma filled with a thousand regrets. In September 10th, the Huanglong Sports Center, Alibaba ten anniversary celebration of the scene, Ma said, in the evening, I will work for ten years, ten years ago I had thought that ten years later I will do to our employees speak to our customers, how to talk to my friends, how to speak, what is


10 years, Ma and his colleagues made one thing: that the Internet and e-commerce can to prove China to the birth of a new group of network. For 10 years, Alibaba has worked hard to achieve the rise of a company and a business gang. 10 years later, the Alibaba backstage, as a service in the network company, a group of molecular ecological network.

new ten year

from an e-commerce company, the whole electronic business to help the background and supporters.

On the eve of the ten anniversary of

, from the evening to the early morning, Alibaba group received a letter of resignation of the founder of the 18, including Ma Yun. Alibaba’s 18 collective resignation. Ma with this ceremony shows the determination of Alibaba into a new era.

the morning of September 11th, business to Alibaba’s eighteen job candidates, like any ordinary employees. Ma Yun said: all of our past zero, the next ten years we start from scratch. Ma Yun said that over the past ten years, the most fragrant late September 10th. This night, he does not need to think, I am the founder, I must work harder.

night, Ma said: over the past ten years, Alibaba is the era of entrepreneurs, the next ten years, Alibaba will enter a new era, the era of partners.

ten years ago, the Hangzhou municipal Party committee secretary Wang Guoping Ma home, Ma said to him: after ten years, Alibaba will become a market capitalization of $5 billion. Ma Yun saw Wang Guoping excitedly nodded. But Ma Wang know, sitting in the next lot of people feel that is not reliable. At that time, 18 founders have just joined

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