Fund companies selling funds on Taobao have to change


detonated by Alibaba Internet Financial theme, so that people re recognize the fund products. While following the things of the heat, the fund Taobao store ready, at the same time, dozens of fund companies at the same time in the Taobao store selling fund products.

previously, there are many fund companies who want to sell the fund on a Taobao platform, but often because people worried about Taobao, and some other factors, the fund Taobao store idea is aborted, but the balance of treasure this thing, let the fund companies are ready to move at the same time, no, not to see the day Philip fund success, follow the trend, here. After all, fund companies want to develop their own marketing channels is too big.

, however, the platform of the Internet and the traditional sense of the fund company’s platform is very different, different platforms, different populations, different purposes.

The original

fund companies rely on banks and brokerage channels, customers are usually obtained from investors, and some purchase financial products of high net worth clients, they have a certain income, also has certain anti risk ability is relatively strong financial attributes group. Now to the Internet, especially this cheap and a lot of people in order to come to the place in Taobao this place, it is difficult to find those who have a certain understanding of the financial products group, even the majority of funds in the white state, and personal funds, banks may not than that group of people. Of course, the number is more. So with the original traditional thinking to do the marketing of fund products, not only to isolate the crowd, but also affect the sales of fund products. Indeed, the publicity and marketing fund companies to a large extent subject to the fund company internal departments and Regulatory Commission, also has some difficulties. However, on the Internet this platform, it is necessary to make a change.

the author of the fund in the observation of the Taobao store, or to find the fund company in a lot of product design and marketing to make a big change above. These can be seen in the Taobao store design can be seen.

for example, the first fund company Taobao shop is the "long-term investment performance outstanding", "investment manager working an average of more than ten years of life", "fund dividends accumulated over 30 billion yuan, China fund industry Taurus Award", "Morningstar fund" these words of publicity, the results immediately by users and the media Tucao, and that these things are a fund company marketing not all down to earth. But this propaganda soon changed from the original blindly promote their valiant record into according to different requirements, the design for different investors, fund products this shop. For the pursuit of low-risk investors, the promotion of monetary funds and bond funds for the pursuit of high-yield investors, the promotion of index funds and equity funds and other ways. In this way, a large number of people

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