Experience the latest Alipay scam revealed

recently opened a store in Taobao, less than a week, no one patronize. At noon today, go back and found buyers want the message, see below:


buyer mean a baby in my shop he saw yesterday, due to work, to save his Amoy river lake, asked me whether the goods, if there is to go, and then paste the address of the Amoy arena.

finished, I want to finally opened, happy to the extreme. Quickly open the buyer to leave the address, into his Amoy rivers and lakes, but also a message, see figure below:



message is told me that he wanted to buy the baby, also follow a link, you can watch this link don’t look really thought it was Taobao’s Web site address, actually link website domain name is taobao.com-aacp.info, I was not paying attention, the key is still excited, click open, the bomb the following information:

box prompts


"… Goods shelves abnormal!…" I don’t have problems, goods shelves quickly? Click [OK], then page to Taobao landing page, familiar with Taobao landing page, do really like, exactly the same, the only difference is the different browser address bar address, I was no attention, now for everyone to mark it, everyone you can look at:


Enter the

username and password after a successful login successfully, then I suggest that Alipay account irregularities exist, let me enter the payment password authentication, then I found wrong, because I usually on the network transactions, payment is still very cautious, enter the payment password means a possible deal, so I looked up this page:


I see what was found the problem, first, the address bar the wrong address is not Taobao’s address is not Alipay’s address; second, Alipay’s address is "htpps" (this is the beginning of a secure connection) instead of "HTTP" (Note: Alipay and online banking payment page, in front of HTTP behind one more "s"!). Hey ~, as early as possible to go, a look at the early detection of phishing sites can be identified. Fortunately, I did not enter the Alipay code, Alipay in the poor or I don’t know whether hundreds of ocean cheater look on. Although the Taobao account password just entered the phishing site, but I am not very worried, there is a Taobao account is not take away my things, because I know the purpose of the liar is very clear, that is money. Then I put the unhurried Taobao password modification, safety.

summary, I think Taobao will not be.

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