Baidu to take 20 billion vote glutinous rice what does this figure mean

Robin Li said, we have 50 billion hands, take the first to do 20 billion glutinous rice

for glutinous rice, only good. Money is always better than no money.

for Baidu, what does this mean, Baidu and glutinous rice will face what challenges?



What does

20 billion mean?

as the summer weather is changing all the time, unusually hot or rain season is quietly spawned a takeaway takeaway in Baidu industry, with the United States, hungry and competition, users will choose? WeChat group rob friends issued a U.S. red, hungry Me Hong, Baidu takeaway red bag…… Listen to friends in the unconscious and conscious to induce each other: with Baidu takeaway, it gives more than red


users is one of the most difficult to loyal groups, where there is a discount where there are users, which has become almost universal rules of the domestic electricity supplier. 20 billion means more subsidies, more activity, more attempts, or more users.


said the first step of the 20 billion is the "member +", form an ecological closed-loop, retain customers, forge user loyalty, in other words, Baidu will break the rules with low price to win customers, retain the 20 billion loyal users, instead of buying users.

how to build the ecological closed-loop


and merchants together to develop a rich store page polymerization, to the store to pay, even a hundred waxy, and so on, Baidu wants to build is not to snatch the war, but the new, users will like the model.

we still take the group to buy the site of the vertical field as an example. Both the U.S., hungry or Baidu takeaway, there are still a lot of room for development, at least in the use of Enron three takeaway platform that every function with a single, so show information page for businesses is not concise. On the way I do not know what is, but I can feel it is every user can also share the APP with less convenient.

look at the entire group purchase market, at first glance, the U.S. group and Baidu Nuomi, public comment and other operation mode has been formed, but in each direction of O2O service segments, can be developed, they are still faced with improvement and extension.

to build the direction of two: one is the improvement of existing business, and the other is the extension of the O2O direction.

Baidu Nuomi faces competition

internal development is summed up or a word "life service", the external competition has two big rivals: the United States Mission and the public comment.

in group purchase industry, glutinous rice is started late, but rely on the "Godfather" occupied a good position, with the U.S. group, the public comment is different, it contains Jintang >

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