Research on brand building of e commerce website

for any enterprise, the brand is the core competitiveness of enterprises. With the rapid development of the Internet, the construction of e-commerce websites and the construction of enterprise websites have sprung up, from scratch, from there to more, from more to more…… Efforts to enhance the brand construction of e-commerce sites, so as to become a good corporate image of the brightening agent, promoting booster for the sustainable development of the enterprise, is an important topic of business leadership and website management thinking.

in the complex talent shows itself in the website, the cohesion of the people in the enterprise, in the society has attracted worldwide attention, be praised by all the resounding brand, is the enterprise and the electronic commerce website expectations and goals.


brand is on behalf of the enterprise or the product of a visual, emotional and cultural image, it is the existence of a thing in the minds of consumers. On behalf of all the content of the enterprise, it is not just a logo, but also the credibility of signs, is a commitment to consumers. Brand building is suitable for all walks of life, since the inception of the Internet, the brand concept extends to the Internet service platform for enterprises, such as the well-known portal brand Sina, Sohu; well-known brand Baidu search site, Google.

brand building is also applicable to e-commerce sites and enterprises, e-commerce only to establish a good website brand is conducive to long-term development. Therefore, both from the perspective of competition or from the long-term development of the Internet as a platform for e-commerce companies need to establish a good brand. Brand building is the requirement and expectation of e-commerce market for e-commerce websites, but the majority of e-commerce enterprises have their own deficiencies in brand awareness.

1, ignoring brand influence

most e-commerce sites have not yet realized the importance of brand strategy, they also have a kind of understanding of the importance of e-commerce technology and light brand phenomenon. In the wrong thought under the guidance of many enterprises blind pursuit of site visits and hits, even making malicious code force the user to access and to increase traffic, and by 2005 the way by peers in violation of fair competition law "to prosecute e-commerce enterprises, this behavior greatly damaged the image of the enterprise, cannot in the mind of consumers establish a good brand.

2, error understanding brand

some e-commerce sites, although aware of the importance of the brand, but the wrong understanding of the brand. The website is e-commerce service platform, so the electronic commerce enterprises in various other sites do connection ads and pop-up ads, they tend to think is to do brand advertising, according to the survey, the most objectionable aspects of Internet users in the first row is the pop-up ads / window, this way is unable to establish the brand website.

3, the road to break the brand

Since the birth of

e-commerce has occurred on the merger event, mergers offer are millions, tens of millions, even billions of dollars, which makes the China >

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