You need to understand the ten major fresh electricity supplier


"fresh" is an independent school, because of the special nature of this industry, the so-called "business to gather, sort of fresh", the industry difficult in a "fresh" word, it is a challenge for the sophisticated electricity supplier in the field work, the test is the ability to integrate the whole industry chain, all think there is a good business, but most people are helpless.

this paper selected 10 "fresh", one by one analysis, the enterprises involved have I bought the network, SF preferred, the original life, Hoda, Tootoo, excellent dish network, Dolly farm, Zhengda heaven and earth, easy fruit net, according to the valley network.


is not rigorous enough, please the enterprise and all spectators criticism.

1, I bought the "heel

2008, COFCO two generals Zhao Pingyuan and Zhang Dongfeng "conspiracy" COFCO electric shock plan, the electricity supplier (shop No. 1 raging like a storm on the line), sent to him shortly after he plans to hand the chiefs, almost no more thought, immediately stand by.

May August 18th this rushed inside, finally selected a lucky day on-line, I bought the network turned out.

of the year, Ning Gaoning was very proud, very high expectations that I bought the network can be greater than the value in 2011, COFCO COFCO "billion, the Lord clearly in this market in the inertia of thinking for SOE boss decided, but only when the number of overvalued, can wake up fantasy.

with COFCO’s 3 Hong Kong listed companies and 3 mainland listed companies, business groups involved in grain, fuel, drinks, meat, vegetables and eggs of commercial real estate and other business sectors, these resources are unable to hide greeds but only, Guozihao predators can enjoy.


also has "strong Achilles heel", the advantages and disadvantages of this is one family, but this "heel" is also COFCO quality resources based on their own.

I bought at the beginning of the line only sell their products, then the expansion in order to enrich the category, but "hudu feelings" inevitably, of course, this is not a moral, for example, has in its online still can not find the "Yili milk", similar to the unspoken rule and how much is not known.

then he wins the "WAL-MART", and even to a Ma ratio, but the path you need to constantly open, open, open, expansion, extension and expansion, however, COFCO holding their own family, but also the world abandoned, it needs more big mind.

is more realistic, hand far from view, 1 stores have a ride on the road full of dust, dust.

"I bought net at present only food sales, the advantage of their products can become COFCO internal suppliers, but only the food itself, or very difficult to make a profit" shop chairman Yu Gang two years ago asserted.

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