Li Keqiang to accelerate the development of e commerce to relax the conditions of registration

Li Keqiang: determined to accelerate the development of e-commerce to relax the registration conditions

April 1st Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment and revitalize the stock funds to co-ordinate the use of effective precipitation, support economic growth; determine measures to accelerate the development of electronic commerce, cultivate new economic power; to determine the appropriate expansion of the national social security fund investment scope, better benefit the people’s livelihood, help the development of.


meeting that the reform and improve the management of financial funds, stock funds and manpower to revitalize the precipitation in urgent need of the development of key areas and weak links, can improve the efficiency of the use of funds, better play an active fiscal policy steady growth, adjusting the structure of the utility. To this end, we must pay close attention to the introduction of programs to improve the relevant provisions of the use of funds to precipitate the use of the stock of financial funds to establish a task list and timetable for the work of a serious responsibility. The "change" into "the money", "money" making good use of. Departments to the overall situation, exemplary, inclined to co-ordinate the use of fiscal funds to focus on the Midwest, promote the effective investment, increase in poor rural areas of public goods and services supply. At the same time, the Department of stock funds are more appropriate to reduce the total budget for next year, clean up the integration of government funds, state-owned capital operating income and the Department of special funds, the implementation of inventory management system for special purpose funds. The establishment of taxation system to adapt to the powers and expenditure responsibilities, matched with financial resources, improve financial management performance, better support for economic development.

the meeting pointed out that the development of electronic commerce and service industry, is an important content of "Internet plus" action, for the promotion of traditional industries and emerging industries development, reduce the circulation cost, encourage entrepreneurship to expand employment, stimulating consumption, improving people’s livelihood, increase financial vitality, promote the development and upgrading, has important significance. To the innovation of government management and service, to actively support the development of electronic commerce, the wrecker stage, regulate and guide in the development of. A relaxation of decentralization, e-commerce market players domicile (place of business) registration conditions. In accordance with the provisions of the network practitioners into social insurance, given the same employment and entrepreneurship support. To establish a diversified investment and financing mechanism to adapt to the development of e-commerce, and guide venture capital funds to increase support for e-commerce start-ups, liberalization of foreign investment in the proportion of foreign currency business foreign ownership restrictions. Two to promote the development of circulation and linkage of electronic commerce and trade industry, financial services and other related fields, innovation and development for the "three rural" service, promote network shopping, network manufacturing and management, cross-border e-commerce and other new business growth, promote construction of e-commerce platform for consumer, store and support collaborative development electricity providers, online and offline. Three to strengthen regulations and standards and the construction of credit system, and create a fair competitive environment and stage, e-commerce to improve product quality, improve the online transaction complaints and rights mechanisms, to combat cyber theft, fraud and other illegal activities, the protection of intellectual property rights and network transaction security. For the rapid development of e-commerce to boost public entrepreneurship, innovation.

meeting pointed out that the national social security fund is an important source of funding to protect people’s livelihood. Broaden the base

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