Electric business why your efforts can not move the customer

many business people have such confusion, artists do Anita, Bang Bang Da rankings do you see clearly, the customer information, do not buy it.

where the hell is going on?

my QQ because of open access, so there are often various strange camp pin (FA) (Guang) (GAO), man (DE) to send advertising information, what brush single home business, selling tea selling software to sell Adult supplies, is really one of the wonderful.

is a self proclaimed beauty tea farmers in Anxi (see the picture is beautiful, who is not aware of it with a buckle pin Tahan) I QQ, almost every day to send a message to me.

brother "Hello, my name is * * * in Fujian province is the origin of Anxi tea, sister not classical language, but not too many beautiful pictures, I have a reason, I am honored to be your friend. Only a sincere to you, in particular to recommend you to a number of first-class good tea……"

"Hello! Send you so much information, from unfamiliar to become familiar with, the little sister also when you are friends. Do you think sister busy or not sincere enough, you have been ignored, you will not be able to show a good tea sister a chance? The cold of winter, you simply recommend a combination of high quality and inexpensive, warm stomach health classic… You… To my little sister a good tea show the opportunity to order Jin back taste of it, you can see it? "

before and after about more than and 10, I generally do not have no time to return.

until one day, the selling tea sister sent a message, send you so much information, from unfamiliar also become familiar with". Let Luo fat talk about what is the logic? Send a lot of information will become familiar from the unfamiliar? If I may trust, buy a piece of information, but before I have no trust in the product and information, even send more information to me, I will not buy.

truth seems to say that we all understand, but a lot of electricity providers are busy doing art, busy doing SEO, really care about why customers do not deal with you


marketing the most important aspect – to build trust, you do it?

if the efforts of the electricity traders are not in vain?

if you do a lot of work, because of the absence of trust and miss the customer, it is The loss outweighs the gain. Only dispel customer concerns, in order to easily deal. You might as well try it:

1 through the authority of the qualification and certification for product endorsement

2 seek celebrity endorsement endorsement (such as celebrity endorsements)

3, he became a product expert (the most easy to do, but the road will be long, need to accumulate)

as a product of experts or the professionals in the field, whether it is WeChat, micro-blog, or QQ space is a natural tool, change from now on, a plot in a step.

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