Babe network CEO Zhang Lianglun no financing plan to adhere to the independent development

two child policy after the full liberalization of the mother and child related areas become the most direct beneficiaries. In January 12th, iResearch and maternal industry jointly issued the "2015 observation China mother industry white paper" white paper, 2015, maternal sustained growth in the online shopping penetration rate reached 15.5%, 2015 articles online market size of 360 billion 600 million yuan.

in many platforms, vertical platform babe network insist on independence, has won the IDG, Gao Rong, capital today, new horizon and other billions of dollars of investment risk. Although only a year and a half, but we can achieve self financing cycle, the operating situation is better than some listed companies." Yesterday (January 13th), revealed that babe network founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun to accept the "daily economic news" exclusive interview, babe network has no financing plan, even if there are, the future still will only accept purely financial investment, we hope to become the independent network station maternal maximum field."

maximum bonus from hundreds of millions of Chinese mother

in 2015 to become the vigorous development of cross-border electricity supplier of the year, although the babe network has also the layout of the overseas purchase of the business, but in the face of cross-border electricity supplier fiery moment, Zhang Lianglun is very calm, "cross-border today’s single volume is very small, is still not the mainstream. Milk and diapers are two categories of vertical maternal electricity supplier most reluctant to sell, because they do not make money or even how much to sell how much money. Cross border electricity supplier to many major brand products, there is no strong bargaining power is difficult to guarantee genuine."

2015, honey bud baby and other parts of the electricity supplier has repeatedly questioned the proliferation of fakes, there are many loopholes in the procurement channels and problems. In the view of Zhang Lianglun, mother plays an important role in cross-border electricity supplier, but maternal cross-border shopping alone cannot meet the China scene at the mother’s needs, bought in the cross-border electricity supplier mother, is more like a storm rather than air. Determine the pros and cons of the business model, not the so-called capital of the tuyere, but the user’s demand. Each platform by burn, standardized commodities for the users have no loyalty, with the price war will be a large number of loss".

Zhang Lianglun pointed out that the core network is Beibei from domestic electricity began to cut domestic after doing well to do cross-border growth will be very fast. But in the Hangzhou headquarters of the babe network in terms of cross-border electricity supplier occupies the bonded warehouse location advantages and special, ensure the logistics fast, cheap goods.


cross-border business babe network started late, but it is amazing. Previously, the investor has revealed that babe network half of GMV (total commodity trading) increased five times than the first half, compared to the same period last year grew 10 times, the share of overseas sales in October has reached millions of channels, the number has been ahead of most other domestic focused platform mother purchased sea.

Zhang Lianglun will be a real lock in the hundreds of millions of Chinese mothers. On the one hand, babe network show the whole network launched overseas mergers and acquisitions overseas purchase the highest price competition strategy, fully meet the consumer Chinese mother >

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