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the old chain bookstore Kinokuniya think, even unmarketable, also can’t let Amazon to make money to go to

, whether it’s a short story, an essay or a full-length novel, almost every time a new book by Haruki Murakami, a prolific Japanese writer, comes out, there is almost a rush to buy. In September 10th, he published a new collection of essays in Japan, "professional novelist" is also the case. In the book, Haruki describes his journey become a novelist, must hurry to send money to buy the book should be a lot of young people.

but they are hard as usual in Japan, Amazon and other electricity providers channel first order this book, because most of the first edition of a book, have been large chain bookstores "Kinokuniya" away. Due to the acquisition of housing kinokuni go first one hundred thousand volumes in 90%, Amazon and other online channels you can only have about 5000 copies of the inventory. Even so, the "professional novelist" in Japan, Amazon is currently ranked second in the best-selling list.


bought so many books, Ji Iraq house is now the only thing to do is to fully promote its bookstore. They are not prepared in accordance with industry practice, then will not sell the book back to the press, because it will only let the new book back to the electricity supplier channels.

with the whole world, Japan is also playing electric bookstores all a hideous mess. Nikkei Chinese network quoted the survey firm AllMedia statistics, the total number of bookstores in Japan as of May about 1.35, a year to reduce the number of 500.

e-book reader manufacturers the same fierce competition in November 2012 before entering the Japanese market Kindle, only five months time, defeated the local Lotte Kobo Reader and SONY reader, occupy the largest market share. Accordingly, Amazon can also be more handy when discussing e-book development with publishers.

fortunately, this book is currently no Kindle e-book version, otherwise the physical Bookstore may cry too late.

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