United States black five was thrown out of the street the amount of online shopping only double 11


Thanksgiving Day, the U.S. version of "double eleven" – "black Friday" opened the curtain.

the United States once a year "black Friday" annual shopping spree to pull down the curtain, as a barometer of consumer data, local time on November 28th, according to 4500 websites (including the nation’s top 100 retailers, 80%) tracking, Adobe company announced that the United States in 2015 "black Friday" (referred to as the "black five") compared to the day of online shopping sales increased by 14% last year to $2 billion 720 million (about 17 billion 400 million yuan).

compared to the previous Alibaba announced Tmall 11 double sales of $91 billion 217 million, black five online shopping sales only double the 11 of the. Before the arrival of black five, when the market was given the forecast is 2015, black five online shopping transaction volume will rise by 19%. Adobe said this, black five to online shopping sales did not meet the expected reason is that the economic environment for everyone to spend some concerns. But in the same economic slowdown in the environment, Tmall’s double 11 sales are still up nearly 60%. For American consumers, mobile shopping is still not so popular desktop platform, compared to Tmall "double 11" nearly 62 billion yuan accounted for 68% of the turnover of large wireless terminal, Adobe data presented show that the "black five" on smartphones and tablet sales accounted for 34% of all online shopping, the smartphone sales from 67% iPhone. The United States well-known Internet traffic tracking company comScore said that although the mobile terminal sales to be significantly less than the desktop, but the mobile terminal will be the holiday shopping season this year was the strongest part of.

subsequently IBM given data confirm this point. IBM said, "black five" on the same day, every single American consumers in intelligent machines the average expenditure of $117.87, an increase of 5% over last year. At the same time, the tablet PC as a shopping equipment heat is weakening.

It is noted that

and Chinese "double 11" only online crazy promotion is different, the "black five" is still the main entity mall, so Adobe data released by the company is not the "black five" of all transactions.

but even if the amount of online shopping transactions, the United States, black five is not China’s double 11 opponents.

according to data released by the U.S. traffic statistics company ShopperTrak last year showed that in 2014 the United States Black five total sales of $11 billion 400 million (about 72 billion 900 million yuan). The star chart data show that in 2014, double 11 whole network single day turnover of 80 billion 511 million yuan, of which Tmall contributed $57 billion 100 million, accounting for 70.9%.

although black five single day turnover than the double 11, but its only >

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